Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playing in the Park

One day it's snowing and the next it's 78 degrees.  That's Colorado in March.  Andrew and Elizabeth love to play in the park.  We are so fortunate as there are literally 5 parks within 1/2 mile of our house.  Andrew is almost 16 months old and just as curious as his big sister.  He really loves watching birds and will stand on his stool and look outside the picture window for 10-15 minutes continuously at the birds and occasional squirrel.  Elizabeth will stand there with him with her Audubon book and try to identify the birds (most of which are finches or robins).  Today we went to the store and got three different varieties of bird food and another bird feeder (now we have 4) so that we can attempt to increase our bird options.  In the summertime we get lots of hummingbirds but not yet.

 Andrew is learning so many words and is trying so hard to communicate, of course getting frustrated more often than not.  He is really good at saying please, thank you and more and pointing at what he wants.  His most common word is "uh oh" and then a form of "spaghetti-o" at the end of it.  His favorite word is Gregario and he constantly asks where Gregario is?  Gregario is usually right underfoot at Andrew feeds him his food or has food attached to his clothes most of the time during the day.  Gregario is so well fed by Andrew that he is becoming lazy.  When one of us actually drops something by accident on the floor, we now have to call Gregario over to clean it up!
Today Elizabeth found 4 rollie pollies and she won't stop looking until she has found five.  Aunt Tiffy gave Andrew a bug box that is also a neck lace  (with a quick release on the back) but Elizabeth has aquired it (along with everything else in Andrew's spring basket) for the time being.  She even wore her rollie pollies around her neck during lunch, talking to them while she was eating.  It kind of grossed me out as I think they are gross looking.  I could not look at them and eat my hot dog and baked beans at the same time.
 Andrew and Elizabeth love dancing to Disney Princess.  I'll be happy when Andrew has some say in the music but for now, he is ok with Disney Princess too.  They dance around together and Andrew falls down, almost like he thinks that they are playing ring around the rosie.

The other favorite activity as of late is bubbles.  Andrew loves holding the bubbles himself and pours them all out within one minute.  He then carries the bubble container and wand around with him, making pretend that he is blowing bubbles.  Big sister says, "Andrew" and just laughs and shakes her head and says, "Andrew, you are such a silly little guy."

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