Monday, February 6, 2012

Kid - isms

Andrew and Elizabeth are growing up so quickly!  I can't believe it!

Andrew's favorite little saying right now is "I can learn something."  Let me put this in context.  He says it over and over again normally when he is doing something he is not supposed to like pressing all the buttons on a cell phone or laptop or trying to help with who knows what in the kitchen.  He will repeat over and over again, "I can learn something, I can learn something" and then screams the phrase when you eventually take away his "learning experience."  The other one he started this weekend was "I can't do that.  So sorry."  We're in trouble!! :)

I think the funniest thing with Andrew as of late is his Time Outs (although we won't let on to him that this is funny).  He has already begun to understand cause and effect and cost vs benefit.  The little guy will do something wrong and then put himself in time out!  He'll hit his sister or do something that I tell him not to and then say, "Andrew time out" and walk over to the time out couch and sit down.  But the crazy thing is that when he emerges from his time out, he apologizes, says that he won't do the negative activity again, has regrouped and is ready to play nice again.   It is really funny to see the whole thing in action.

Elizabeth loves her site words (her favorites as of today are "the, is, pink and purple").  She will spell them, write them, sticker them and play school where I am the student and she is the teacher.  She is really fascinated with words and is doing a really good job sounding them out.  She makes little kindergarten books at school which are fun to have her read, although she gets upset when you cover up the pictures on her.  She had to do a school project this week on her "favorites" so here is the list as of 4.5 years old.
Color - Pink
Vacation - Visiting Avery and Madeline in Seattle
Fish - Barracuda and trout
Sport - Swimming
Movie- The Little Mermaid and the Secret of Nimh
Song - Part of your world (but really her favorite song is Space Captain by the Black Crows)
Activity - to sit on the couch as a family and with Gregario
Food - macaroni (yes, that is for sure Andrew's favorite too.  I won't get into how we go through about 4-5 boxes of the stuff a week).
Drink - Milk warmed up (For sure Andrew's favorite too)
Book- How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Aerial's Dolphin Adventure
Poem- Sharp Toothed Snail by Shel Silversteine (we were coming home from taking Andrew to the pediatrician on Saturday and Elizabeth was so upset that she forgot to ask the doctor to check Andrew's nose for a Sharp Toothed Snail.  She is pretty sure that there is not one in her nose (although it has not been confirmed by a credible source . . . next time she goes to the dr) but she really wants to make sure that Andrew does not have one!

Elizabeth loves coming to work and helping me run some science experiments.  And I'm so thrilled that I have a 4.5 year old that can say "contaminant transport!"

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