Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spoiled by the Grandparents

While Jan and Casey were fishing the freezing cold streams of Colorado and Wyoming, Elizabeth and I decided to head south to some warmer weather to visit Grandmom and Grandpa and get spoiled rotten. It was so much fun to see Elizabeth play with many of the toys from when I was little. Some of them, like the castle and Michael's Pink Panther, I remember vividly.
Seeing Elizabeth walk around and around the glass table in this picture brought back so many memories of my brother playing hotwheels on the glass top and making forts under the table. No wonder my mom can't seem to get rid of it!

Elizabeth's favorite adventure while at Grandmom and Grandpa's house was the sheep skin. She would rub her face in the fur and lay on it for minutes at a time (minutes at a time is a long time for our ever active, constantly moving Elizabeth). Elizabeth was even allowed to bring the sheep skin on the back porch to lay on while she was playing with her toys so that she would not get cold from the stone floor. Nothing is too good or off limits for the grandchild!

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  1. Oh My GOSH! We were just at my parent's and Hayden was playing with that exact SAME castle (minus the little people who are choking hazards. . . how did we ever survive our childhoods?!?)

    I should have some blog pics of it up soon. Glad you had fun there (but sorry you came back sick). :-(