Sunday, April 13, 2008

Summer Cut - with or without racing stripes?

Have you even been sick with a cold or the flu, laying on the couch for hours on end half watching one of the numerous moves in your collection that you have seen a million times half zoned out due to sheer boredom and cold medications when something catches your eye and you are suddenly struck with an over whelming urge to start some random project that you have been putting off for weeks? Poor Gregario was the victim of this very phenomenon just a few hours ago.

There I was laying on the couch watching a move i had already seen a dozen times before when I looked down and saw gregario laying there looking a bit shaggy. The next thing he knew I was headed for the horse sheers which usually means he makes a run for it but today I think he was actually thinking the same thing I was. "Its about time..."

Project complete - time for a shower and back to the couch for a nap. - jan


  1. It looks like he went on a crash diet! That's a lot of hair. I think I prefer the racing stripes version :-)

    And hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Hi to all! Seems "G" is fairing better then the humans up there in cold CO :-) Oh, my Grand-dog looks perfect in any design. Give him a big hug from the TX family. Happy Trails....Grand-mom Maron

  3. Look at all that hair! Nic would be so sad to see that his favorite marshmallow dog lost his fluff, so I won't tell him! :)