Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring Break Fishing on Grey Reef

Last year for my brother Casey's spring break, he flew out to Colorado from Michigan to get a jump start on the fishing season hitting some of Colorado's amazing trout waters including the South Platte, Taylor, Arkansas, and Frying Pan. It should be noted that the term "Spring break" is a bit of a misnomer in Michigan, it should probably be renamed to something like "it's still winter break" or "late winter break" or possibly even the "I've got the shack nasties and gotta get the heck out of here break"... you get the idea. Its cold and dark and its not exactly getting any warmer. Colorado on the other hand is a perfect spring break destination for those seeking variety. It not uncommon this time of year to be able to ski in the morning and golf in the afternoon... As far as the fishing goes, the rivers are starting to pick up a bit from their low winter flows and the fish are starting to get a little more aggressive as the water starts to rise in temperature. We had heard some stories about a stretch of river called Grey Reef up in Wyoming where the trout averaged 18" and fish over 5lbs are not uncommon. Now I don't know about you, but I have heard of places like this, and in fact we have some here in Colorado however what they usually don't tell the river is jam packed with people, the fish are no where near 18-20" and they fishing pressure is so intense that just getting hooked up into a fish takes an advanced degree in fisheries Biolology with a minor in voodoo, and even then the 5 lb fish may take years before you ever even see one let alone get a picture with it.

Grey Reef is completely different. The fish really do average 18-20" and 5lbers probably aren't that uncommon and the fishing pressure relative to Colorado fishing is non-existent.

We spent our first day with Guide, Dave Cook of St. Peter's fly shop in Ft. Collins CO, who rowed us down the river and tied (and untied) the knots - one of the great luxuries of having a guide!

Grey reef also have some great walk and wade waters below the dam in Alcova - Casey went to town the next day raking in the fish. It was certainly a memorable trip!

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