Monday, August 30, 2010

Eleven Mile Canyon with the Whole Family

We set out to head up to a nice little river about an hour from our house but due to a  summer festival going on literally in the middle of the road,  the road was closed and the detour would have taken hours.  So we made lemonade.  We kept on going to one of our favorite rivers on the front range, Eleven Mile Canyon of the South Platte River.
We set up camp in the catch and release section on what is usually a great little fishing hole with a nice quiet, slow moving pool only for whatever reason the flows were way up and the water was really moving.  That was ok with us as we had fun coloring and of course looking for bugs.  Elizabeth had a collection of bugs that I've never seen in my life.  She will be very good at determining what to use for flies someday!  

The entire day we could not keep Elizabeth out of the water even though to us it was frigid cold.  She loved it.  

Andrew was as happy as a clam fishing with Daddy.  He sat in the back pack, would fuss a little bit when he wanted a bottle and Jan would just fish over where I was standing so I could feed him a bottle and then they were back out fishing again.  
As usual, Elizabeth was thrilled with the catch of the day!  

We could not resist including this picture of our day camp.  Elizabeth is not very efficient nor effective at going potty in the woods.  Therefore, the potty comes with us when we go on family outings!  When I was taking this picture, Elizabeth kept asking, mommy, what are you taking a picture of?  Oh, just the woods, Elizabeth!

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