Friday, June 12, 2009

Elizabeth's Spring Vacation with Grandma Lois and Aunt Carla

While Kate and I were in the Caribbean sailing Grandma Lois and her sister, Aunt Carla, came out to spend some time with Elizabeth. They went everywhere in the short time that we were gone. The Denver Zoo, Garden of the Gods, the rode the light rail and the bus to Down Town Denver, Red Rocks, Evergreen Colorado, and who knows where else they went... but they sure had fun!
The Zoo is one of Elizabeth's favorite places to go, she gets so excited and starts bouncing in her stroller with excitement as you visit the different animals!
Everyone had a great time at Garden of the Gods. Its hard not to there... its so beautiful. Elizabeth loved the rock climbers and apparently thought they were monkeys. I guess that kinda makes sense if you think about it...

Another fun trip they took was into down town Denver. Elizabeth's favorite part is to ride the light rail (train) and the free bus downtown.

Who can pass up a photo op with a giant bear?

And of course there is plenty of fun to be had right at home in the back yard!

Great pictures Mom and Carla, it sure looks like you all had a wonderful time! Elizabeth can't hardly wait until your next visit!

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