Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! 2 Years Old!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth, 2 years old today!!! Its hard to believe that two years have gone by since that wonderful day that you were brought into the world!
We thought it would be fun make Elizabeth's special day extra special so we decorated her bedroom door with streamers and balloons so that she would know something special was going on right away when she work up. Elizabeth loved it!
We also decorated the kitchen table and her chair with streamer balloons, Elmo paper plates, and of course a Sesame Street and Elmo table cloth. It turned out that the Elmo plates were such a hit that Elizabeth wouldn't let us eat off them sort of in the same way that you wouldn't go out and buy a nice painting and then eat off of that... She really like the plates!
Of course no 2 year old birthday party would be complete without cupcakes. Elizabeth only probably ate a total of half of a cup cake, but she did it by taking little nibbles out of about 4 different ones. We even gave her frosting to put on them but who wants frosting when you can just eat cup cakes?!
As usual Gregario was enjoying whatever it was that Elizabeth was enjoying which in this case happened to be lightly frosted cupcakes. He usually knows where to get the good stuff...Over the last few months Elizabeth's favorite thing is buses. She loves to see the school buses and her favorite toys that she plays with are buses as well so we figured what better way to celebrate her birthday than with a irthday Bus Cake!Elizabeth had a fun time opening her presents and she was spoiled rotten once again by her loving family and friends. Usually the opening of each present was followed the expression seen above and then a very cute "oh my goodness!"
Someone was a little dissapointed because they didn't get any Bus Cake... Maybe next time Julio!

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  1. Happy Birthday, big girl! Another present is on its way, too. Love the celebration--the cake, streamers, the plates!