Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mommy/Daughter Day

Last Saturday when Jan was fishing with his dad and brother, I had the opportunity to spend the day with my very favorite little person. I often have to stop by my laboratory on the weekends to collect data or adjust an experiment and Elizabeth always gets to come along (I know that one day she will probably consider it being dragged along). I snapped this picture in the lab in front of my latest "science project" and it was just too precious not to share!

So after enduring the laboratory, Elizabeth and I took a buggy ride down the street to the Golden Historical Park. It's a little 19th century town with a school house, farm house, gardens, chickens, log cabins etc. We had the entire place to ourselves. Elizabeth has just started enjoying to run so I tried to get a few pictures of her long stride (takes after her momma!)

And the adorable outfit credit goes to my sister in law, Courtney. She has great fashion taste for Avery and Madeline and Elizabeth gets to benefit. Thanks Court!


  1. The first picture cracks me looks like she's got the poop face while sitting on the bucket in your lab! HA

  2. Michael, I couldn't agree more!