Saturday, August 14, 2010

Andrew 8 months old

Andrew has grown so fast this month.  He is crawling at light speed everywhere around the house and pulling himself up on everything.  He can even balance himself for a few seconds at a time.  He is a very vocal little boy and as Elizabeth likes to say, he thinks that he is a dinosaur.  One fun thing about this month is that Elizabeth and Andrew are really starting to play with each other.  Elizabeth will pass a ball with Andrew, play grocery store, leggos etc with him.  Sometimes he gets on her nerves a little bit as he always likes to play with the toy that Elizabeth is playing with.  But that obviously goes both ways.  Every time Andrew has a toy that Elizabeth wants, Elizabeth wants to share.  If Andrew wants to try to share with Elizabeth, that's another story!

This picture is fun as it is typical of lazy  mornings at our house.  Elizabeth likes to give everyone (including Gregario) a headband to wear.  And don't try to take your headband off or she will notice immediately! Sometimes I have to check my head on the way to work as I still have it on!  Even Andrew gets a headband on most mornings and will wear it for awhile.

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