Thursday, August 5, 2010

East Coast Visit (Part I)

We had such a wonderful trip to the East Coast last week, visiting our dear friends and family.  The trip was a whirlwind as we saw over 25 of our dear  friends and family in 5 days!  The first part of our journey took us to Washington DC/ Virginia to visit my best friend Cathy and her amazing mom and dad.  We had such a nice and relaxing time with them, so much so that Andrew and Elizabeth didn't want to leave.  I think the plethora of classic Fisher Price Toys (which brought back so many memories of my childhood) had a lot to do with it as well as Evelyn and Rich's hospitality.  We also got to see some great friends from my Academy days, Andy and Matt, and their families/spouses/parents.  It was a wonderful reunion.

One of the highlights of our trip was our outing to our nation's capital.  And what better place to tour than the Capitol Building itself.  Rich gave us a tour that I will remember for the rest of my life. It was incredible to be in a place where so much of our country's history was shaped.  It's almost like you can  feel the presence of our forefathers in many of the rooms.

This is how Andrew spent much of his time on the Capitol tour.  Thank you to Evelyn and Cathy for corralling the munch-kins so that Jan and I could actually listen to the tour!

Elizabeth really loved this statue.  It's the mold of the statue that is on top of the Capitol.  I think that she was amazed at the mere size of the statue as she stood there looking at her for about five minutes and did not want to leave.  

Inside the dome 
The most beautiful hallways I've even seen in my life
The Appropriations Committee Room

One of the highlights for Elizabeth was riding on the metro.  I'm sure she entertained  many of the commuters who dread, I mean ride, the metro every day.  As you can see, Andrew liked riding the metro too!

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