Saturday, August 14, 2010

East Coast Visit (Part II)

After visiting Cathy and her family in VA we headed up to Pennsylvania to visit my Grandmom and have a little family reunion.  On the way, we stopped at the Baltimore Aquarium and had lunch at one of our favorite seafood resturants of all times, Mamma's on the Half Shell.  Visiting with  Fred, Ellen and Freddy for lunch made the stop extra special.

Elizabeth loved the aquarium.  Her favorites were the endless collection of turtles, sting rays and the amazing shark tanks.

Unfortnuatley, after we had lunch, my mom called ad we found out that my Grandmom Bunny was in the hospital after falling in her garden the day before.  He shattered her shoulder and broke her thumb.  She is still in rehad and we are praying for a speedy recovery so that she can get back home to St Marys and her garden and gift shop.  We had the opprotunity to visit her in the hospital a few times and she just loved meeting Andrew and talking with Elizabeth. Andrew and Grandmom played peek a boo and tug of war and Elizabeth liked showing grandmom her angel ( that Grandmom Bunny gave to her).  She loves the angel and sleeps with her every evening.

Despite Grandmom's health, we did have a nice time in PA.  My Aunt Carol came up from VA,  my Aunt Jane from CT, Mr. and Mrs. T from Allentown, mom and dad from TX, Cathy from VA,  my Aunt My and Uncle John who live close to Grandmom and the lovely sisters at St Marys.

The highlight of the trip for Elizabeth were the bugs and horses.  Aunt Myra has a butterfly bush that had at least 25 butterflies on it at any one time.  The butterflies entertained Elizabeth for hours.  We didn't think that she would be able to catch one but she surprised us!  She carried the poor butterfly around for a day in her bug box (and we chalked it up to a budding scientist).  In Elizabeth fashion, she of course didn't limit her search to butterflies but found lots of ants, fire flies, worms, gnats etc.  She finds bugs that I wouldn't have a clue where to even look to determine what it is!

In Grandmom Bunny's garden

Chasing and catching butterflies at Aunt My and Uncle John's house

Like Grandpa like Granddaughter

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